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Whether you are here to check out this wild and historic lifestyle, pick up some tips or share some a long the waY, I am Happy You are here!

I’ve spent the last two decades going to the mountains, and learning everything from animal husbandry, the ins and outs of working in remote hunting camps, and picked up a little old school cooking along the way. 
WHY the THREE BRAND RANCH? Well, lucky for me, that's where I get to call home with my love and his family. Together, we have three brands that all mean something special to us- and together we are building our dreams.
I am excited for this site to serve as a home for all of the wild and wonderful opportunities from the past, present and future. 

Whether you are here for the ins and outs of the daily grind, or want to explore some of the other adventures I am about to share with you- there’s a little something for every adventurous heart. I’ve cut my teeth in the guide outfitting world, work as a professional writer, worked alongside some worldly conservation groups and programs, and share life on the ranch in central British Columbia or tag along for the ride as I learn another historic profession of trapping-  

Hear the rest of My story...

I knew two things were for sure when I came back to the Canada after living abroad in New Zealand... I was going to really pursue being a big game hunting guide, and I wanted to learn how to rope. 

Fast forward over the past thirteen years, I wouldn't change a thing. The road was hard, and seldom easy- but the path that you have written on your heart and soul very rarely takes you to along the easiest routes. I've lived out of suitcases, shuffled storage lockers, and had the honour of working alongside some huge industry companies- and I cant wait to dive into some tips and tricks I've learned along the way! 

I started my career with a $150 dollars in my pocket, and a dream. Thirteen Years later, here we are!

I'm Rachel- a first generation guide, rancher and aspiring trapper. 

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Guide Proof

Guide Proof

A Guides Life

A Guides Life

Pistol Training 

Pistol Training

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In 2017 we began the process of bringing our story to life. After over a decade of guiding, I had the opportunity to rekindle our father/daughter relationship.
this is our story.

How Far We've Come 

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Learn more about my my quest for the canadian Authorization to Carry, Life on the ranch and Trapline, and checkout some of the hunts, podcasts and interviews 

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After living like a cowgirl gypsy guide vagabond, I definitely have my list of essentials narrowed down. Now, living on a remote cattle ranch, I've got some hot items to share with you that make my life easier, as well as some of my most favourite and treasured equipment and necessities! 

Some of my favourite resources that I love and happily share!

A  few of  my  favorite  things...

Did you know that I was one of the first women to start an outdoors podcast back in 2016? The Full Curl Podcast was something that happened over a cup of coffee with my friend and mentor, Cody Rich, of The Rich Outdoors Podcast. 

While my times hosting only lasted until the throws of full time guiding consumed my life, I did enjoy chatting with a host of folks and learning along the way. Since my time as a host came to an end, I still enjoy jumping on the microphone and chatting over a whole manner of topics! Check out some of my favourites! 

Throughtout the years - here's a few of some of my favourite interviews! 

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The Dirty Truth

Did you know that there are several professions in Canada that allow you to carry for personal protection? 

Taking AIm on Canada's ATC Program

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